Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Try-fel : First try, cold desserts are always a winner in Ramadhan :)

Swiss roll layers :)

Covered with Custard and then Fruits. Any fruit shall do. Fresh or Preserved :)

Last step : Add Jelly. Chill and enjoy!! Tunggu buka puasa 

Simple as ABC kan???

Selamat Berbuka Puasa Mommies!!!



My dad always make trifle as it is truly a soothing dessert. what we did was the base is a layer of swiss rolls, then a layer of fruit cocktails, custards, whipped cream and lastly ornate with chocolate flakes...


:: zahra :: said...

sounds delicious je dora..boleh try juga cmtu la this weekend :)
..sedap nyerrr :)

Huda@Hood said...

aku belajar buat masa matriks.

asyik buat sampai jemu.

dah lama tak makan.

terpaksa lah buat gamaknya.


jom terjah :)
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