Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ramadhan Journey : Iftar day-8

Due to my babysitter's unavailability yesterday, my beloved sister & Bro took the responsibility to day-care lil amsyar and big bro Iman. Need to work out with calling Iman big bro now, just to boost his confidence and let him feel that he's in charge now, just some leadership training. My sweet lil caliph :) Mujur ada adik, else i need to take the day off which is nearly impossible these hectic days.

The boys were fond of their Mak Uteh and Pak ngah, so leaving them was not really a large problem :) They loved them as well too, and this maybe Mak Uteh's last chance to stay with us as after Raya she's getting married off already :) It is good for me to have them around as well for some extra helping hand on a hectic Ramadhan working day. So after work, i planned to cook special dishes for them as a token of appreciation for their help ;)

Despite the hectic day, i managed to whip-up some dishes while my sis look after the boys after working hours. Yeay!! We hade sweet sour sea bass (siakap), kailan ikan masin, ayam msk hitam and several other dishes. Hubby came back home bringing some dishes from the nearby bazaar too, together with my favorite tepung pelita :) But frankly, homemade food is way way better than bazaar. Simple pekasam could make you eat 2-3 helpings in a go :)

Really busy these days, and just writing down few words here really made me feel released a bit. Alhamdulillah. Working, cooking cleaning and keeping up to wake up early to cook for sahur everyday really wears you out as a mommy and wifey. Hubby dearest depends mainly on me as his sahur alarm and in worst times, i forced him out to help me in the kitchen on the peak hours of sahur. Bancuh air sket sket sb mmg xcukup tgn!! i could hardly open my eyes at 10pm every night.

Hopefully this Ramadhan brings me more pahala than dosa for all the hard work and complaints. Sometime its really hard not to complaint (--")

Ok lah.since morning break is only 10mins here. we have limited time to type long entries (T-T).

Selamat berpuasa semua :)
It's our 9th day already in count down and hopefully the 1/3rd of Ramadhan that has passed by brought out the best in all of us.

Thank you for reading.
Bye2 :)

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