Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ideas for our saham..

Saham akhirat..jom buat.Just several ideas..add if you wish :)

1. Beli bedak baby yg botol besar.letak kat surau perempuan.tulis WAQAF.Damage cost : rm10

2.Beli biskut kering/marie/chipsmore dsb letak dlm satu tupperware/tin biskut.letak kat pantry ofis.tulis WAQAF.

3. Beli telekung utk surau.

4.Adopt a kitten in need.Pilih yg plg kotor, bwk blk bersihkan wangi2..bagi mkn.Lepaskan semula

5.Plant a tree. Near a playground. Kalau pokok buah pelam lg bagus.

6. Buy an extension cord/plate. For the office's nursing room. Buy tissues as well.

7. Buy hand soap and dishwashing liquid for ur office/pantry's sink :)

8. Buy a popcorn or an icecream for the small/young beggar at ur local pasarmalam. Give cash if you want to.

9. Activate a chat group connecting all your old friends. To build up again the silaturrahim long lost in time..better, organize a meet-up and cook for them :)


Just several examples. Lets add yours.

This is actually our actual savings.
Our savings in the banks may go the the grocery store, the car mechanic or sometimes unnecessary subscription of Astro channels that you never watch pun.

Small acts kindness could some times make the day of another person :)

Happy Wednesday everybody..
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well said..

other than u listed above:

1) bawak balik telekung kat shopping complex. sementara nak cuci, tinggal telekung sendiri dulu buat pakai

2) beli quran tinggalkan dekat surau

3) baju yang dah x muat - donate

:: zahra :: said...

Yes..byk lagi,kan?
Jom buat ramai2 :)


jom terjah :)
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