Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ramadhan day 17 : Cuti Nuzul Qur'an and week 27 of pregnancy

Today is day 18. 18th Ramadhan already with alhmdulillah sufficient strength to still go on for ramadhan. 17days down for this  27 weeks pregnant mommy. Alhmdulillah. Already everyday ready with some food inside my drawers in case of dizziness or feeling too tired. But alhmdulillah, so far so good. 

Last weekend, we gathered at mom's for iftar and ramadhan celebration, and not to forget, the coming home celebration for my sister; Zakiyya! She came home for good already after nearly 5 yrs in Egypt doing dentistry. She's already 30weeks pregnant by now with her 2nd one, so she was really a tough dough completing her studies on time :) Congratulations Dr zakiyya!

Zaid, zakiyya's firstborn. pak arab betul dia..16kg at 2yrs old

The minute they arrived

I'm just happy that everybody's home. We made some fish dishes; ikan bakar, asam pedas ikan siakanp w bendi (ooo..droooling even now!) and few other dishes to accompany. A fullhouse is a happy house.

 Marvellous mantu by my sis zainab

 Sad that i'll not be here for raya. This raya will be hub's turn and it will be our 7th raya together alhamdulillah :) Baju raya pun xbeli lagi tahun ni, ours and the kids pun. Inshallah weekend ni la.. theme pun xditetapkan. We'll see how

Our raya color themes for previous yrs:

2010 - Newly weds - White!
2011- Grey (with iman)
2012- Turqoise Green (with iman&amsyar)
2013- Peach
2014- Electric Blue
2015- Mustard Yellow
2016 - ?
2017- Inshallah berlima

Hubs yang slalu particular about having themes and synchronized matching colors especially for events and even outings. Dia suka. I'm ok with that so i just follow the flow. Tengoklah tahun ni mcm mana dgr2 nya nak purple. well we'll see :) 12 days more nak raya kan. still ada masa. Tp mcm lain mcm sikit raya this year, im not really in the mood of raya, maybe because of the mood change because of pregnancy, and also the bad experience last time kenduri SIL time raya, pagi raya they had no prep pun, sadis je..sobs. My house kalau raya mmg kalut masak semua..pagi raya mmg siap semua atas meja..and rush for solat sunat raya ;) Mmg meriah celebrationnya. Like last yr, mlm raya me and hubs ke jln TAR balik dkt kul 4am, but still pg raya bgn for celebration ya, no excuse! :) Just hope for the best lah for the raya this year..(still hoping for ketupats on the table with kuah lontong!)

The boys tolong mommy merumput on a off day :) Kemas2 rumah ready for raya

Weekend ni plannya nk ajak family buka puasa di rumah kitorg, tp xtaulah lagi mcm mana.. Kita buat menu raya terus supaya mak buyung tak kempunan utk raya. Kita buat ayam merah, kuah kacang, sambal udang and lontong. Ok set! hahaha merancang bukan main, kita tgk nanti, jgn satu menu je tinggal sudah..hahaha.

Iman with mommy's donut sira. lama xmendonut, dia aje 4 biji telan

Just enjoy the rest of your Ramadhan and make full use of it.
12days countdown y'alls!


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