Thursday, June 9, 2016

Genting Highlands Day Trip 2016

Last weekend before ramadhan kicked in, we had a short day-trip to the nearest point available that Iman and Amsyar has not reached yet : Genting Highlands! Dah ramadhan baru berkesempatan to blog about this.

Genting = Yeay!

Mommy's favorite boys

Despite of the school holidays, the road was quite empty for a sunday afternoon. MRR2 was ok, Gombak -bentong highway was ok. The weather was also on our side, so yay! We made it all the way to the top and reached the peak at 2pm.

Parking inside First World Hotel

Chilling in front of hotels under the breezy weather

The only family picture outside. Chilling at 18degs.

Peek into the future outdoor park

Iman and Resorts World Hotel

Bought some take away Mc Donalds' happy meals and double cheese burgers as expected McDonald far up would cost us a fortune. Then we had a quick bite inside first world indoor park on some benches with a view. The renovation and build was really massive and it is not really a great time to visit Genting these days. The indoor park did made us enjoy some family time tho..but we didn't enter snow world due to the queue. Tak sanggup!

Jom tgk some indoor themepark photos :) The indoor was amusing for the kids. Nice deco and not too large scaled. Pusing2 dah habis. The boys bought some toys here as souvenirs, and by 5pm, we hurdled back down-hill.

There were some Power rangers show going on, but we didnt wait

Power Rangers seems not to be so in with kids nowadays ;p

After few rides and rounds inside the indoor theme park, we headed down to the catch a skycab/cable car near to Goh Tong town going up again. The tix were rm6 per person perway for everyone 90cm and above. so for us we had to pay rm6x4pax x 2ways +6% GST = rm52. The cable car operates from early morning to 12am midnite so that does not worry us much. But riding a cable car across mountains above thick jungle at night is definitely a rare experience. Scary but oklah.. seronok ja..

The boys were definitely happy for a small adventure and venturing around the indoor themepark and sipping some coffee in the open space with cool breeze was really nice :) Nanti dah buka outdoor themepark kita p lagi stay few nights and whatnots.

From inside the cable car

Second cable car experience for the kids. The first was in Langkawi.

Genting was a nice experience for us.
We'll come again. Inshallah.
After the parks are opened!


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