Thursday, May 5, 2016

A 32nd Birthday :)

Alhamdulillah I'm 32 this year. Age is not really a secret factor for me actually. Well, Im 32 and happy with that. Thank you Allah for all the years you have given me. Alhmdulillah. Actually my mom is the special person who deserves to be treated on this day as special. The day i turned her into a mom..hehehe :)

Im on leave today actually. Just having some quiet time off with hubs. so yeah..this is an auto publish :)

 Well, actually, im not a really good daughter to my mom. All those teen and post teen years, i kept on hurting her, again and again (Astaghfirullahalazeem). I owe billions of apologizes to her for all the years of mistakes i've done, those i remembered of and those that i have forgetten already. Being not that far apart in years, had made me such a horrible daughter.sobs. I was already 13 when she was my today's age : 32. so imagine that.

Bringing me up was really tough, kan mak? :)

I changed my perspective and really my attitude towards my mom, the day i become a mom. Seeing Iman in my arms, i could really feel deeply how my mom look at me before. Oh my. I promised myself, i wont hurt this woman who loved me all her heart again. Never. Inshallah.

Maybe it was the age and maturity factor as well. But..i do believe that becoming a mom, had really changed me in many ways especially how i appreciate my mom.

So mak, this birthday is actually dedicated for you.
For all the gratefulness, you have turned me into a human being, all these years. And all the non-stop duas all my life. Please dont stop the duas, i still need them. still,
 I have nothing much better to return in compare.

Thank you mak.
I really love you.

Happy birthday to me!
Happy 32 years being a wonderful mom to you! 



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