Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend with the Kids

Hi there!

Going slow since 2016 aren't we,eh? well busy at work really gives a toll on me these days. i even hardly go out for lunch these days and prefers quite weekends at home, cleaning cooking and errr..sleeping. Got few new routines these days especially with Iman's intensive reading lessons. Yes, his dad is trying to prove me wrong by getting iman tested for adhd. Well, a test doesnt hurts kan? so far plans to NASOM are still not plans so far. 

So weekends are mainly short outings, some homecookings, some readings and plentiful of playing. The boys now had grew into bicycle enthusiasts - from dawn to dusk, they will cycle, suka sangat heh. I dont really mind and as long i keep the gates locked they are free to play in within our small compound, nasiblah korg kan..rumah kecik ja. but i dare not leave a blink of an eye the boys open out, not these days especially. Too scary with too many maniacs out there.

Saturday was just lazy day. We slept in all of us and decided to wake up at 10. Yeay. Sedap tido,, hubs was working so when i sent him a pic of us 3 under the covers he was furiously jelous..haha. We watched movies and played puzzles and color random pictures all day. Even daddy couldnt stand it and came home to dooze off a bit at lunch and had to drag his tail out for afternoon work. yeahh..he works weekends. Well, i really like him working weekends actually. Hahaha.. Takpa syg CNY we'll take a really long break and go huha in Kelantan ya. 

Too laid off on Saturday, mommy decided to have some kids activity on Sunday. So we did some bathroom painting artsy. This was really a hit with both they painted the walls and floor and the toilet all purple. and then we rinse everything off again. Iman was really happy doing this he asked if we an do this everyday. Well we'll about that young man. If you do your reading well, we can i presume :)

Later that afternoon, after Ultramen made his debut for that day on Astro Ceria, i asked them if they would like to make some chocholate muffins with mommy. At first only amsyar responded and tail-gated mommy back and fro setting up all ingredients. Then when the fun had started, Iman decided to charge in. 

We decided to make simple muffins, amsyar putting together all the dry ingredients , flour, sugar, cocoa powder and baking soda and also choc chips, Iman on the other hand mixed up eggs, oil and milk in a measuring cup. Then i asked iman to mix both dry and wet together, mixing it carefully. He's a talented au natural chef indeed. so strong, who needs a mixer anyway. Amsyar puts ther cups in a row so that i can fill them in. Both were too happy when the muffin pops out. Sibuk claim from daddy that these were his muffins. Yes indeed dear, your muffins. Good job!

Kids kan, all they need is our attention, and working moms like me really feel the guilt for not always being there for them. So lets make the most out of weekends. An ice cream treat out later on a busy hectic day sometimes what matters most to them :)

More family time to go for 2016 jomm..more getaways and holidays to plan jom!

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