Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dinoscovery Trip 2015!

Remember the dinoscovery tickets i redeemed from astro? Well, we finally went to check it out last christmas long break ;) And it was fun! Let me walk you through via pictures of us :)

Opening hours is from 10am-7pm on weekdays and 10am to 8pm on weekends.

Our tickets ;)

Located in Avenue K on the 4th floor, the location is really easy to find. Parking in avenue K is also affordable, so no worries. RM5 per entry only, amazingly really cheap for KL rate :)

Outside dinoscovery

All excited to meet the dinosaurs!
Actually they had already mentioned that cameras are not allowed inside. But what the heck. What's life without cameras :)

The journey starts with a tour guide informing all the do and dont's and whatnots while handling us items for the paleontologist experience. We were given bush jackets for each of us, a head torch, a RFID scanner watch and also two maps to complete the quest. achehh quest..hehehe. Then there was a short movie screening for what's inside.

Amsyar was scared at first as we could hear all the dino roars from the screening room, he eventually asked to go out back. But once he saw the dinos, he was ok. But still tugging tight to mommy.

It was quite fun, checking out moving dinos inside and completing the puzzle map along the way. The kids were excited :) Sorry for the pics quality, it was quite dark inside :)

Huge eggs aren't they?

Yes, touching was allowed :)

The dinos were too real for them :)

Along the trails there were activity spots to do things such as wall climbing, dino chasing and also tail wiggling..haha ok the last one sounds awkward! Well iman did do some wall climbing to see the dino pteranodon nest up high. Half way, tho this time. Its ok next time we'll try some more. It was his first wall climb experience! :)

Iman in action with adik on the watch. Mommy pteronodon is coming!

Daddy's stegosaurus wannabe tail wiggle pose

This one was from Malaysia.nama apetah
This is mommy's fav : The Triceratops

A T-rex that opens his mouth :p

Those sharp teeth of a baby t-rex

Iman opening what dinos eat for lunch boxes :)

Comparison displays to imagine how big are the dinos

Towards the end there were some sand pits for digging to find fossils for the kids and also a ball erupting volcano. Well the kids spent quite some time here, giving mommy and daddy some time for selfies and photo taking.

End of the trail, is a souvenir shop where you can purchase gift items such as cute dino alphabet charts, replicas and the usuals hehehe. We bought tiny dinosaur erasers that were too cute to resist. Well of course for mommy's keepsake and for the boys to have when they're a lil bit much older :) Here you can redeem your paleontologist certs as well by handling over the completed map and answering few questions based on the trail. Of course mommy's the one answering all this time around, the questions were not that easy you know, but we've made it! yeay!

Fret not,you can opt for not answering the questions which entities you a Junior Paleontologist cert in exchange.

The dino counter boy told us that they're undergoing a major renovation this January so that by February everything will already be revamped and new! Maybe we'll come again that time around!

Mommy's view :

Place is small and the trail is too short that bores adults but big enough for young children to stay focused and not get bored untill the end. The trail will take about 15-30mins only if you are not a reader of infos on each display ;) Dinoscovery can improve more on activities held inside and display dinos a lil bit more further away from each other to make the 'hunting' activity more realistic.

All in all, the boys were happy and enjoyed the visit. Nice one. Thanks astro for the tix!



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