Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dilwale 2015

Watched at : Premium X, OneCity USJ on the 4th of January 2015
Rating Stars :4.5*

Review :

Tickets were sold out in ioi city mall so we had no choice rather than to find an alternative. So we headed back to onecity where it was quite empty and with much pricey tix. Mahal juga for a monday we paid rm13 per ticket and its before 6pm premiere. The boys were at school, so we had some time out of our own. Just some time to enjoy with..haha. We were late (yalah from ioi city mall) and the show was 3.45 till 6.30.

And popcorn too..of course!

View from my seat. yeay!

Overall all i can say that it's a must see. If you loved kuch kuch hota hey, kabhi kushi kabhi ghamm, this will be definitely a nice watch for you :) We enjoyed it though some lousy scenes by new-comers in the beginning but its oklah. Bolehlahhhhhhhhh.. SRK is never disappointing and Kajol is of really pretty. some of the shots i took during the movie. Ah tak boleh tahan kena ambik sikit :p


Nice way really to start the year with. Gi la tengok. best..ada org kata tak best. taktahulah. bagi kitorg beesssttttt..Alhmdulillahh.. ;) i guess we should do this every first day of school..syarikat pun dh bagi cuti. oklah. annual event ;p

**more details for this film here in wiki

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