Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Kid's Sportsday and Graduation Arif Minda 2015

Hi uols.
Last saturday was the day. After several weeks of practice and couple of rehearsals, it was finally the day :) This time the school management had chose Kompleks Sukan Panasonic, Seksyen 21 Shah Alam as the venue. A nice and popular choice for events in Shah alam. As scheduled we all gathered and registered for attendence after Zuhur. Not a good timing tho, as Amsyar was not really in a good mood as it was his nap time ;p Iman was full of enthusiasm from the beginning of the week so a lil bit sleepy was not really a thing for him :)

tq daddy semua tak pandang ;'(

The marching parade commenced at 2.15 sharp! Kids in all ages (classes) were divided into 4 teams - red, green, yellow and purple, and parents were to wear the similar themed color. There was also a small group of orange team who were the 3yrs olds. Amsyar tho was only 3 joined the 4 years olds tho,It was really nice as most parents came with sport, dressed in color coordination and were seated in the color designated area. This was to ease on cheering :) We were purple team that day! Yeay!! Nice tau. It had been years for not attending a thematic sports day..so we cheered like there is no tomorrow. Haha.. Well, it was only me and hubs in the cheering team this time, as both boys were already participating :)

Really kudos to the teachers who had successfully arranged this. The formation was guite impressively complicated but the kids nailed it. How difficult was it really to control 300+ kids, i cant really imagine! The sportsday cum presentation started with stretching presentation by all students. Stretching was with a cute head and shoulders,knees and toes dance that was really entertaining. We spotted both amsyar and Iman in the front row, and amsyar was standing still refusing to do all gestures in protest. Alolo...he wanted mommy and susu and his nap. Kikikiki... but there were few others in protest too. maybe of stagefreight as well. Geng amsyar lah ni..hehehe.

The formation ...pandailah teachers :)

Amsyar merajuk...far left.depan sekali in purple ;) 

After 2-3 dances/performances then the real sports began ;) The first game was Iman's and Amsyar's! It was to carry a ball with a couple without (i think so) touching the ball. Hands on each other shoulders and run! Laju juga..We cheered and cheered and the  purple team won 2nd place! Yeay.. well the green team who won had short of players that's why they finished first. But who cares. No 2 is ok. Games were on for few other games which are for each category. The 3 yrs old played musical chair..and that was really cute as well :)

Iman and amsyar's game

Yeay...dah dpt medals. jom balik!

We started to make a move at 4.30pm just before the convocation for 6yr olds started. Everyone was already tired and starving as the food prepared by the school was only bread buns and juices. Karipap ke donut ke tarak ;p It was a hot day, but enjoyable for all. Kudos Arifminda! Keep up the good work! 


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