Monday, November 16, 2015

Gold Coast Morib 2015 - Repeat 3x dah mai sini

Aha :)

Hello there! Its monday and its raining here in Shah Alam. And everyone's either sleeping or watching a movie in the dark in this office. Yeah, lunch time is personal time kan? So lets continue with our GCR story :)

So..this was our 3rd trip to GCR. Asyik repeat ja sb convenient.Yes. that's the word! :) CONVENIENT! The boys love it, mommy loves the jacuzzi and daddy loves us. Ok lame :p Haha. Monday was a sandwich between sunday and deepavali, so we decided to take leave and go somewhere nearby. yeay! GCR is so really so nearby, its only a 20mins drive away from our home :) The rates is always on discount so one night here only costed us RM168 for a pool view deluxe :) Public holidays and weekends rates differs of course and super peak seasons can triple up the cost of the same room :)

The hotel was full house by the way on a Sunday evening. Well, maybe most ppl decided to go for the sandwiched day for leave as well ;)  

8-9th November 2015

Alhmdulillah, we got a room on level 4 with a magnificent view prior one week prebook. You can always contact GCR beforehand for booking and they're quite helpful tho of being handfulled.

Our room view :) Level 4. Room 2434. Nice!

So some selfie poses :) The boys mcm biasa cannot wait anymore for the pool :) The room price i paid for only made us eligible for 2 waterpark tix and 2 breakfasts, so for the boys, we had to purchase seperate waterpark tix. For children 90cm till 12yrs old, waterpark tix was only rm15/pax. For adults it is rm21/pax if not mistaken. But its worth it la as for in-house guests, the tix could be used for two days (2d1n stay).

The room we got this time was much cleaner than before. Oklah, im not a fusser, so this was ok for me, and we asked for double beds for the 'extra' bed space when being combined together :p Yang penting, pool view! :)

The jacuzzi! Favorite mommy nih! Extra hot, extra bubbles..and tv facing :) Syok tuh..2jam pun takpa. Well of course after the kids dah pengsan! :)

The nice thing of this hotel is the waterpark lah. Its not too big nether too small. Just nice for small kids and not too adventurous for not so young parents. Slides are nice and plentiful, even mommy had a fair share of rides.

This was one of fav slides for both Iman n amsyar :) The few first mommy n daddy kena teman. Masuk yg ke 18kali siap slide kepala dulu (--") mommy yg seriau takut jatuh ke tepi or whatnot.

So puaslah juga mandi for 3hours+. Hitam berkilat semua. We checked in around 2-ish and got down at 3.30 mcm tu. 6.45pm baru nak naik. The pool closes at 7pm. Alhmdulillah tak hujan tak mendung, the weather was on our side that day :) By 7.30pm both kiddos dh pengsan keletihan. A huge banana bread, oreo and susu, tuptup pengsan. So we cancelled our dinner plans and resumed our maggi in cup tepi balcony ja.. :)

The next morning was an early one. The boys have slept for 11hrs+ woke everybody up for breakfast at 6-ish! :) Breakfast was served in the cafe and under a white camp near the sea and was full. Yalah what do you expect for a full house. The food was a bit lousy, and not much in choices. Adalah nasi lemak, bread n butter, pastry sikit, cereals, hmm.. dimsum. Not really a thumbs up. The management maybe should do some improvement on this. But the boys, having to be too early to bed, ate like a champion! Bagus. Rezeki allah, jgn mengeluh. Makan seadanya. Tak suka jgn makan, jgn keji.

Post breakfast walk

Photo taken by iman. oklah..masuk mommy and daddy ;p

Checkout was at 12noon. We checked out, and kept few things in a separate bag..and...



The boys not wanting to leave!

Dekat 5 o-clock baru bertolak balik. tu pun sebab hujan :) There's plentiful of changing rooms near the pool of course and not all waterpark guest are in-house guest, so no prob to continue after check-out :)

Tu jelah kot.
Worth the money for a short stay.

3.5* for you :)

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