Friday, November 13, 2015

6 days out of office! Hehe

Holla! :)

Jumaat dah kite ek? Sekejap je. Pejam celik dh one week off. Bukan off pun sebnarnya. Off day nya 1 hari je. Then continue for Deepavali. Pastu cont pula dgn training out of office. Training yg best tp penat sikit rs otak. Maybe utk higher level dan i is muda lagik xtercapai akal sikit nak buat activities. The trainer pun boleh tahan best talk and training nya, a chinese guy by the name of Garry Chow.

Daddy took a 3days off for the long weekends, so we got the chance bwk the kids swimming and main pool just nearby. Mula plan nak try tgk what's hot in Bayou Lagoon Melaka, tapi tak jadilah. Next year inshallah. So where to? Gold Coast sahajalah. More convenient and just 20mins drive from home. hehehe. I think maybe i'll write about GCR in another post.

So on Saturday, we had a small gathering in Nilai Impian for mom's 33rd anniversary and the cake cutting for my handsome nephew Hamza! Yups hamza is already 1. Mashallah. And expecting a lil sister(inshallah) soon! :) I cooked some nasi lemak and mom ordered some pizza. And its just nice having to gather all of us eating and all. 

Iman hijacking Hamza's cake :P

Penat pun habis terubat bila jumpa semua. The weeks all hectic these days. nak blogging pun curi curi masa. and it was really a relief dpt go out for training once in a while. I really was into meeting new people and opening up into learning new things, so there are a few things that i find really eye opening throughout my 2-days training. Of people and of behavior in actual. I dont know, maybe perhaps i'll look into any opportunities to study about human behavior, interesting eh? Maybe just for the sake of learning. Nak apply to work pun boleh lah celah2 sikit selit tp not that related lah. We'll see how. Berangan tak salah kenn??

Mom, Maksyu Kinah, Pakngah Husein and the kids.
 I hope mak gets her KL position back by this year end. It really wears her out travelling twice a month at least KL to Kuala Berang, Terengganu. My MIL nak jln jauh setahun skali pun dh tak larat, and they're quite the same age. 33years already together with 6 kids, 3 son-in laws and 4 cucus (and one more on the way), she sure had all the stories to tell about life and marriage challenges.

Sambal ayam yg terpekat..oppss sorry.

Sometimes, having the time to just relax and wind out just makes you think, what else you wanted in life? What really matters to you? What you really want to have in your bucket list? Are you really happy if you get things you wanted? Are you really happy to have more or does it really make you happy when you have less and give out more? Well, the coffee and maggi cup sessions on the hotel balcony with my dear hubs is really things i look forward to in my holidays sessions. And pools that is safe and excites the boys (daddy incl), hence the repentance to GCR hahaha. Well the warm jacuzzi midnite dips skali la. I told hubs, i would like a jacuzzi for my next birtday. I saw few at home pro ioi citymall last time for 4k. He just rolled his eyes..haha. Best apa? heeeee.. 

Till then,
Have a nice weekend peeps!



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