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Jejak Langkawi 2015 : Day 4 - Bird's Paradise and Wildlife Park

Hello lovelies!
Happy Monday all of u!

It's the beginning of June already. Nifsu Syaaban as well. Let's just get the Langkawi stories finished :) Day 4 was a long and tiring day for all four of us. We checked out as early as 9am and headed directly north to Bird's Paradise and Wildlife Park  which was only 20mins away from our hotel :) This was actually not in plan but as we had some time more to spend, why not? :)

After breakfast near idaman suri, we arrived in BPWLP around 11-ish. The park was already opened and we missed few feeding sessions already..alaa.. Takpelah kan. The tickets was RM18 for adults and RM12 for kids 3-12yrs old :) So as Amsyar is not yet 2, we got one entrance fee waived. Yeay! At the entrance, there were animal food packs sold for RM6 per package so we bought one too. Total for entrance fee : RM48+ RM6 = RM54. Details for entrance fee could be obtained here.

Iman terrified :p And mesmerized at the same moment!

Many many birds coming to eat on mommies hand. Iman was terrified this time ;p

Brave amsyar with Bella the Parrot

Fish and duck pond
The park itself is quite large And was divided into several segments housing a quite huge number of animals. The best thing here is that you get the chance to directly interact with the animals, as in holding, cuddling, petting and also feeding. There were thousands i must say birds calling this place home :) Worth the pay the boys were really excited here and enjoyed the moment although a little bit afraid at the beginning as the animals here were so tame. Most of the parts of the park is semi indoors (with roof) it was quite convenient to visit at any time rain or shine. Operating hours is from 8.30am to 7pm :) and you'll need in about 2hours to finish the visit and if you are so immersed in the animal world it may take you 3hrs to finish

Deer feeding. Iman doesn't want to feed them as they lick! Yucks!

Peacock not wanting to flaunt his feathers

The eagle eyeing us :p
Peacock behind!

Rabbit on mommy's lap. He wanted the whole bag of food!

We have soo many pictures, but this will do for the time being. There where little chicks and little ducklings wading freely around. Donkey for ride and free range rabbits. There were also a lot of kancils running freely around as well. The deers were kept in cages so goes to the crocodiles and snakes thank god! There were also baby raccoons to bottle feed and plenty porcupines asking for carrots and cabbages. It was fun! For more info, you could get it here at their official website . It was a happy visit especially for the kids :) Ok now off for shopping!

We are already almost leaving Langkawi guys : Next stop -  Kilang Warisan Gamat, Beras Terbakar, Kompleks HiG and Idaman Suri. Oh byk lagi :)

Till then.


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nampak macam mummy je beriya lebih. hahahha

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jom terjah :)
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