Monday, June 15, 2015

Ocean and the mountain

Me and hubby we differ like the ocean and the mountains especially in upbringing. My family is more open and have prioritize things quite differently than my in laws. We buy things for quality not brand for example, we spend money on trips, food, and books, We play our toys and read our books and not keep them in display so that in 30yrs the toys are still there intact  and pretty only being stared at all the years. 

My in laws have other thoughts. 

My hubby's globe is still intact 25 yrs in storage but he had no idea where Ireland is. And they travel really little as they prefer to buy gold rather than amusement park tickets or flight tickets to see the world. They kept books but never read and the books are really nice and new for years. Shoes and shirts were always with brands, my brother never knew polo was an established brand. So do i with my osh kosh bgoshs, We had our oshkoshs and wore some handmade as well and those really made us who we are today. 

I dont know. We are raised to be who we are today. 
But they raised my husband. 

And that is definitely one fact i need to remember.

How much i hate them or disagree with them or despise the decisions they made or the menu they serve. They're still the people raising the father to my children. The person i love.

Happy father's day dear. 

And happy father's day to my own dad too. Who'd raised me well alhamdulillah. To become the person i am today.

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