Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Entering 2nd trimester alhmdulillah!

Ehemm...of Ramadhan of course!
Come on...2 is already a handful. I have heard complaints from many with many kids but still continues on having kids..so, we take a lil break for now :)

10th of Ramadhan. Still in juzuk 7 so i'm lagging 3 juzuks at the moment.aduhai. Nites are so challenging for me right now. Early sahur and work and cooking twice a day had really worn me out all right. But its ok. I cook 15min meals each time dont worry.so daging rendang or ayam perciks will be in my wkend list of course!

Sabtu,berkesempatan berbuka di Grand Dorsett atas jemputan alhamdulillah. The food was nice. The place cosy. The kids were overwhelmed of course. After his 3rd Aiskrim Goreng, Iman went up stage joining Jaafar Onn's presentation of popular songs that was coincidently his favorite. This boy is one brave boy. Extrovert as always. Kita teruskan bg galakan.

Zakiyya and baby Zaid are currently in the house, as Zaid's abah had some ramadhan camp nearby. Amsyar was very delighted to have a lil bro in the house. Aged only 45 days, mommylong hopes the house is not too hot nor too noisy for u Zaid! Iman n amsyar as always..are really excited with relatives in the house. He loves company.So do mommy!

Ok lah. Was thinking only to write a short note.pnjg pula.. This year raya kelate.Baju satu pun xbeli lg.x pelah. I dont really like raya in klate. No rendang and too crowded. With too many ppl in MIL house, I get migrains every 10mins. But the boys of course enjoys the big lawn with all the chicken, cows, cats, fish,ducks and goats around. Dah sebulan dh asyik sebut bila nak balik umah tokpa..hehehe.

So, till then.
20 days to go for ramadhan. Let's make it our best ramadhan!



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