Friday, July 11, 2014

12 Ramadhan 1435h - idea bersahur anyone?

Assalamualaikum wbt

Day 12 already alhmdulillah.How fast time flies. I just admitted to my wa mommies group that this is the 3rd yr I stayed home for tarawikh. I think that's the best for moms w small children, kan?

Barely halfway through ramadhan im already exhausted of simple hot meals recipe to cook for sahur. Dah hilang ideas..tandus. And i need really really simple recipes as i only have 20mins at max to cook. Usually I will wake up and start cooking at 5am. Everything should be ready by 5.20am :)

This morning we had sambal manis telur rebus, ayam kunyit and sup sayur karot&bakchoi for sister is staying w us for the week :) Sapsupsap 20mins siap! Hahaha..rasa, jgn complaint ok? Mkn je.. Hahahaha

This is our list so far, maybe could be useful for u as well. 15-20mins ideas.

1. Daging goreng+kobis kuah+Telur dadar
2. Sambal sardine, telur dadar, sayur
3. Bilis cili padi, telur kicap, sayur
4. Mee goreng daging
5. Ayam goreng, sambal blacan,ulam
6. Nasi goreng n.sambal bilis
7. Daging blackpepper+ sayur
8. Ulang mana mana diatas :p

Pastu dh kering idea..sobsobsob
Kami mmg sahur minum scawan Milo suam, kurma and hotmeals :)
Alhmdulillah. Moga dibukakan rezeki utk bgn sahur cukup 30hari thn ni demi suami tersayang :)

Any more ideas? Rehat jumaat nanti boleh lah kita surf surf cr inspirasi :)

Ptg ni nk bbuka pulut durian.pulut Dh tanak mlm td.durian je lom beli :)

Ok jumpa lg



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