Friday, March 18, 2016

Pendaftaran Darjah 1 2018 di Selangor/Putrajaya

Hello to school holidays!!
Happening this week (11-20th March 2016) but we have not really much plans ahead. The boys are attending normal school holiday daycare (paid of course!) and mommy's working giving way to those with school kids a chance to go off for a school off blast :)

Last week both of us had taken a day off for Iman's school registration and some errands to run in LHDN (ah yes the tax refunding processessssssss) Well alhmdulillah the processes went well.

Iman will be in std 1 in 2018 but he already needs to be registered this year to secure placement. to ease sending and fetching we decided to send him just around our workplace. 10km from home, we do pray he'll get a place here. Amin. All registering processes can be found here in the kpm website.

Senang sahaja sebenarnya, tapi aplikasi ini hanya untuk murid murid yg nak bersekolah di negeri selangor dan putrajaya sahaja. KL pun kena isi manual ya?! ;)

Isi, cetak dan hantar ke sekolah yang di hajati dgn senarai semak dibawah ;) Hantar cetakan tu 14 hari selepas dicetak tau. jgn tangguh :)

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jom terjah :)
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