Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kelate _Terengganu Trip 2016

A long dued post for happy-nings in February :) Ahh yes..we went for a long 10days off for Kelantan balik kg trip. The roads were stuffed but it was ok for us as we opt to try out the new LPT2 route which ended near Kuala Terengganu. Then continued off-coastal roads via bachok direct to KB then Pasir Mas. Boy it was a very very long trip back :)

But the 10 days off was just worth it ;) The boys as city dwellers of course loooved the vicinity of their kampung really too much that they didnt want to come back to KL ;p

 Happy faces - Iman(5) , Amsyar(4) and cousin Fira (3)

A long pause of lazy days just resting was really a bliss, after all the works and whatnots, i really do like the idea of just balik kampung and relax. Despite all the tiring journey and the relaxing plan, as always i always had things to plan.

We had some BBQ party somewhere in the middle of the week ;) It was really fun and in conjunction of Iman's pre-birthday celebration as well. not really properly planned we had only few birds marinated by your trully *ehemmm* , some crab sticks and few ball types. Ma made some bihun soup just to spice up the menu, and even bough a surprise mini cake for iman :) tq tokma.

The bbq-ers ;p

Birthday boy and our small family
Half of the clan. Well hubby has 8 siblings what do you expect? ;p

The Kelantan trip was really a jalan2 cari makan food galore for me this time, We had nasi ulam cikgu, some otak otak kelate style near PCB, some colek buah as well. I even had fried quail eggs from a street hawker :) Byk berjalan :)

Nasi ulam cikgu was superb. Everything in for 5 and it was like rm19!!?murahnyeeeeeeeeeee...... well everything (food) was quite cheap over there. Nasi kerabu ayam bakar will cost you rm2 per pack. *pitam*

Pantai cinta berehi ;p

Wakaf che yeh's antics : kelate dangdut and stuffed animals. cheapo!

And of course an overseas trip (across the river) to Thailand :) Just to make the trip complete :) We went to Mundok Town to buy things we cannot get here like cheap hairbands and air pistols ;p and also.....................

 Nice coconut icecream!!!!!!!!!!
Ahaaa....sedap betul yang ini...costing us Rm3 (250 baht).

Well, goodbye Kelate, till we meet again maybe for Raya Inshallah. Bye for now!


ps- both are now bottle-less since 1st march 2016. so one of my 2016 goals is achieved! Yeah...!

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