Thursday, February 18, 2016

Missing me?

Visiting geyma in Terengganu during CNY :)

Two weeks with no updates ;) A lot of things happened..oh my. With all the balik kg, the intolerable jam and everything in between. I will blog all of that inshallah soon! :) Just hoping the clocks ticks faster this year coz we're excited on expecting few new things and experience. Mom's going for Hajj this year Inshallah. More cousins coming for Iman n amsyar Alhmdulillah. A wedding in July inshallah. Banyak kan? Can't wait!

Hopefully Allah grant us with the health and strength we needed to face all. Amin
Well Iman's turning 5 this weekend btw! 5! Sometimes its just a blink of an eye how time flies so fast! Amaze me all the times.

See u then!


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jom terjah :)
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