Thursday, February 25, 2016

Birthday party plans for Iman!

I'm really not in the mood of writing these days. Blame the hormones. Tak tahulah hormone apa..haha. Few things need really updates. Iman's birthday was last week and we bought cake slices and celebrated with his uncle with Satay :) The main thing was he was trully happy. This weekend, i'll try to make myself bake choc chip muffins and buy some goodie bags for his school. i plan to have apples n muffins in each goodie bag. Comel x? :) I've been eye-ing a football theme cake in our township bakery that cost me less than rm50 for a 1.5kg choc cake so -We'll see how. He's school party is on Monday! and mommy's always excited about that. 

Being 5yrs old is really improtant to celebrate. As he already understand things and happenings and remembers most of the things. It is really important to make him feel appreciated and loved.

Planning mmg senang kan? The execution? needs all the kudrat from mommy. And some stapling labour from daddy of course. hehehe. This will all of course be this weekends' project :) For Amsyar this coming May, I plan to have a bigger party as we never had really organized a party for him, so lets do one this time. Inshallah (mommy will keep rm1 everyday from today for that party..hope that'll be enough!) We'll see how ;)

So yes, that's quite all for today. Had a bad backache yesterday, i walked like a 60 yr old whole day and called in for emergency leave, so bye bye leaves for this year, dah tinggal single number je dah..sobs. Gotta save more for the end of the year. I could see i will be needing them this year.

Till then,

Love Zahra

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