Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ramadhan Day 20 - 10 hari terakhir

Mashallah, semalam i was quite furious by the time we got home with all the issues in the office and our raya financial cashflow discussed on our way back from home, we were quite worried with where we were heading to. To much to use with too little resource esp for raya (--") We tapawed our iftar food in minimalis version and headed home.

Around 7pm, my faraway (2-3houses away) neighbour was at our gate with some red plastics calling out my name. Mashallah, she came to us with one huge watermelon and one whole roasted chicken (ayam percik) telling us have them. I took them and thanked her profusely for her generousity! Oh my. My hubby asked me several times did she really intended to give the food to us. He was afraid, our neighbour had the house numbers in mistake. I told him, she was quite sure.

Mashallah, adab memberi kan? Dah lama forgotten in our daily lives, and we as the receivers rasa sgt2 happy..which led us two to a discussion of how awful of us who wasnt always on the giving side. asyik berkira. jarang bersedekah..adoi. Mmg teruk rasanya kitorg ni. The family living next to us mmg org susah, hubby bawak taxi and they have 6kids altogether, pun kitorg jarang lah tnya khabar, ada lauk ke tak on the table for iftar that day..sadis (T_T)

Benda benda kecil yg menjemput rezeki. rugi kan kalau kita tak buat. Esp in Ramadhan. Rasa terpukul and terjaga sekejap of how those really in need would feel when they receive special small deeds from us. Mashallah. Even i was chanting to myself, murah lah rezeki kak ni bagi kita ayam sedap ni. Murah rezeki dia yang bagi kita tembikai sedap ni. Imagine if you gave to 40 ppl, inshallah the doa makbul :)

Credit to blog : https://shafiqolbu.wordpress.com

10more days guys to grab all this with the barakah of ramadhan. 10!
So lets give more do more and bring more smiles in any ways we could :)

Alhmdulillah. rezeki dari Allah.
Seekor ayam tu maknanya 3 hari punya iftar dh cover mashallah.
Must do more after this! Jom!


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jom terjah :)
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