Thursday, July 2, 2015

I'm back!


Off from work 2 days this week.
Came for work semi open eyed on Tuesday. And was off again yesterday.
Not because of the puasa. Of course.

The doc says, she's suspecting dengue. But she'll need a few more days.
So here i am at work. in a 50-50 condition. Yesterday i was down flat. Sent off the boys to school and had my rest. All day. And i did not miss them. Yes, i needed my rest that bad! My whole body aches. The head pounding. But alhmdulillah still fasting.
I had my dengue dose before in 2011.
Please pray this aint it again. [ Using mind power to cast away evil dengue ]
Please please please.

Back to work u guys!
60+ emails to read, response and reply!
One of my cousins' advice pretty long time ago was to do my 'real' job. Thean after half of the day finishes- read the emails. If you do the emails first, you'll be extra tired already to complete your 'actual' tasks.

Well, we'll see about that.
Still on fever today btw.
Day 5. Mayb i'll consider to take a half day if the shivering doesn't stop.

Oh my

Have a nice fasting day uguiz!
We're already in the 15th!



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