Friday, June 6, 2014

The Zahra I know..

Happy Friday lovelies!

Feeling quite exhausted by Friday.mayb bcoz of the weather.and the atmosphere. I dont know.

Just feeling down because of some issues in the office. Cutting of the internet access, my sub ordinate resigning, just mayb I might start seeking as well too.

There are dreams that I have not yet achieved in my life, and mayb we'll be achieving that soon. Life is just not about how much money you can make or how high is you sociopath status.or how beautiful you are. I have past all that beyond. I have a family, a career, my seperior's trust, skills, happy cute boys, a small cottage of my own. The question is always, what else in life to move forward?

I need to build my own empire soon.before I reach 40. Too much things happening in my 20s. I struggled to get my best student award, was engaged twice, travelled to Europe alone, got married, have kids, bought a house , worked with professional liars, interviewed ppl wanting my position..haha..and so on. All in my 20s. So what's next? And now whats going to happen in my 30s. Nearly 7yrs in service, I have been a good engineer. I had behaved well. So what's next?

What's next?
Beranak-jaga anak-beranak circle again and again?

I need some sparks.
Lets make sparks partner in crime.
Lets do sparks.

Let us give more this time. And make ourselves useful. Lets.

Ps- There are people I know who complains on having too many children (tahu beranak, tak reti nak kawal, lepas tu merungut ank ramai) and too lil money. And some who takes money from his own ill mom. And people who leaves their babies to their sick mother to take care off.

Berkat hidup adalah doa ibu bapa. And rezeki anak anak dr Allah, jgn merungut.percaya pada rezeki dan cara cara menjemput rezeki. Islam itu mudah, tp bknlah boleh dipermudah mudahkan.Pegang pada tu je. Inshallah.

Have a lovely weekend people!
Thank u for reading my tilly tally stories.

This is my stress reliever.
What's yours?



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