Monday, June 2, 2014

My mother

It touches my heart reading several mother's day entries from few blogs I frequent and realized, I didnt write any of my own. I was quite occupied throughout May and left me only a lil time just enough for short updates.The long entries were written during my free time waiting in the hospital where we went more often than the Doc oncall.

My mom is a special woman. She is born a teacher and a very sensitive woman and have definitely super power instincts. As her first born, I was more independent and most of time do things out of her way, until I had children of my own. T_T

Most of the time, I tried not to make her worry. And did things not to bother her, but I guess what she really wants is to be bothered.

Despite everything.
I really love you mak.

Most of the things I realized she'd done for me is when i have children of my own. How lame is that. Huhu.

I read about others taking care of their sick mothers. My MIL herself is a living example of taking care of her own mom bed-ridden from stroke. She bathes, combs mek's hair, brushes her teeth and attended to every need. Just like when we're attending small babies. Tiresome but happy. May Allah bless u Mama.

Caring to my children, always reminded me how patient mak was. Iman, in his toilet training period and his curious post toddler years, I lose my mind more than to be with it. (yesterday I found both ruining 2 sticks of my lipsticks and foundation all over their face (T_T))

And to Mak, I love you. I hope Allah grants you with health all Ur life.

But if u fall sick, dont worry..I am here for you.
Happy belated mother's day!

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