Friday, October 5, 2018


Life is short. Don't count the days, make everyday counts. You cannot control people who hates you, you can only not hate them back :) Some just hate you just because. Yes, just because they are not you. And they're stuck in a life they hate so much. People come and go, but family is always family. No matter how you hate your in-laws, they are your in-laws. lol

It has been a tragic October for the depart of the 6 unsung heroes from the fire department in the Puchong Lombong incident. We are all heroes  of the country in our own ways. Just keep composed and consistent. Focus on what you have in your plate instead of prying on others. Us here, the working moms and woman in the company are pure evidence how capable Malaysian woman could strive in a harsh world of men. Perempuan melayu, berbaju kurung, lebih hebat menyelesaikan masalah kejuruteraan dari lelaki disini.

 Regardless of what ever perception, we are always heroes to our little ones :)

Oklah. Done short rambling on a cold windy Friday morning.



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jom terjah :)
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