Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A visit to ENT Specialist DEMC

This little munchkin has caused me a series of panic attack one by one as of now. 18months young baru, he is as curious as a kitten! Suka sangat mencuba benda baru and tiru aksi aksi abang abang. Pandai dah skrg ni kalau kita suruh ambil remote or tlg buang sampah, or ajak g mandi ;)

Penghibur hati mommy sangat!

Until on last Thursday, he poked his ears with cotton buds! he came to me crying and showing me the cotton bud in his hands. From where, only God knows!! Adoi. I thought it was ok as he seems not in pain and continued playing after that.  

Until i realized the next morning - his ears was full of dried blood!!!!!!

Oh my! I tried cleaning it off just on the outer sides, and was relieved the blood had stopped! He, on the other side was OK though. Relax je. I was sure he was not in pain. So we decided to send him to playschool to observe. 

That night, we brought him to our family fav clinic and got referral letter to go to the ER. It was really late at night by then, and we were arguing of which hosp to go. My preference would be DEMC. Hubs insisted we go to Putrajaya Hosp. I told him off that, in case we had to spend the night there, how the other two will do? Iman nak sekolah lg. And bear in mind Putrajaya doesnt allow kids below 12 to visit. So how?

Then i let him decide. He monitored Mikhail all night and told me to sleep. The next he said, well i guess lets go to DEMC. In case it is really not good inside the ear, we'll ask for transfer to Putrajaya.

Of course i said OK.

Because we were walk in patients, the process was a bit long. Tunggu GL lagi, nak set specialist availability lagi. However as Mikhail is still a baby, the process was really smooth.

We were set up to meet with Dr Loganathan.

Dr Loga on the other hand is soooooo children friendly and soft spoken. He will try to answer all your questions and showed us what is happening via camera telescope and diagram. So i feel it is really worth it to get a chance to meet specialists like him. 

He told us that Mikhail's ear drum is punctured and it causes trauma/blood. This causes him to temporarily lose his hearing on one ear but worry not as babies heal so quickly. The blood inside will help heal the puncture,so he decided to leave it as it is and always try to keep the ear dry. He subscribed us a bunch of medicines and ask us to set an appointment with him in a week's time!

Ok Dr Loga! See you soon!

Saja je taww adik mikhail nak spend time dating mommy and daddy kann? :)
Once in a while jadi anak tunggal!

GWS baby!



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