Monday, October 16, 2017

Post shout out #tb for Amsyar's 5th bithday!

Happy Birthday my sweet Amsyar!!!I owe Amsyar a birthday post way back in May! (OMG lewat gila dh ni...sorry baby!) His birthday was in May..May 23rd to be exact and i had made some goody packs for him and asked my friend to make him a batman cake! Amsyar turned out to really really love the cake! Sold out katanya among his friends..licinnnn! Alhmdulillah. A lovely cake mashallahh :)

This cheeky boy is really my sweet boy. Dari kecik smpai besar jrg demam, fully BF-ed and is a sweet talker too. Suka kiss org.. hehehe Love you Amsyar to the moon and back and to again!


A bad blogger i am these days. I guess blogging is no longer the in thing and people ig-story most of the time by now. Well i will try to keep on updating as long as i can as i guess this would forever be my online diary of my babies and me! I love to go through back to their baby pics and read stories i wrote about them and i would like to just read them back maybe in the future. So toodles my blog readers (if there are any btw! lol!!). See you again soon!!

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