Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Yups. I shouldn't have write more. Blame my hiatus to the banned of blogging in my workplace. In fact, they are now banning he internet. I guess it must be part of the austerity drive. Maybe.. 😂

So... Hows 2017? So far..i can just it as doing good to me. Life's hard, work's tough.. Even surviving just to be mommy is rough. Our marriage has nearly reached its 7th year inshallah this coming may, and i can say the tide has its ups and downs for sure. To not get bored of each other, and still make things work, things spark you know. Sometimes, we'll go off not even cuddling for 5-6 days in a row..sometimes we make things rock twice in a know the usuals. Im telling too much i guess..haha.

Well, the main goal for this year is actually the survive. Credit card less. And also hutang less. For sure. Im 33 this yr, and i guess we're struggling to make ends meet. To have a decent meal, to pay our bills, the get the kids into a decent school ,to be able to pay for the fuel nak balik kg, a decent holiday when we supposed to.Well well well.banyak tu 😝 and the wishes on the wish list.

Im in pasirmas actually right now. Having some time off from the office. To get good food, to change the situation a bit. I really need these actually. Office had been harsh on me lately. All the meetings, the grilling, the emotional men😪, the relieving pumping sessions in between meeting! Fuhhh fuhhh...

Well to be frank, i actually enjoy my pumping sessions. Its like a 30mins break to wind up without the guilty sensation in the middle of the day. I on the matter of fact dont really care how much i bring home. Rezeki today will not really ensure what you'll get tomorrow, so enjoy with what u have! 😍I bring home usually no more than 20oz. My median is usually just 16-18oz. Which could be considered as just enough supply. But im happy 😘

Mikhail's turning 6month this 30th btw. Alhmdulillah.. We can start on solids soon! Yay!
Oklah ill try to write from time to time. Short is better than none kan? Poor blog, feeling abandoned huh? 😝

See you guys. Have a wedding to help coordinate tomorrow. Hopefully everything is going to be well. Uh well, im here to attend btw. Not to help 👸💅



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